Enlightening and Empowering People with Disabilities
in Africa
as we are enlightened, we are empowered

Enlightening and Empowering People with Disability 

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About eepdAfrica

eepdAfrica is a voluntary Non Governmental Organization made up of change agent group directed and staffed by volunteer individuals with and without disabilities.
This is a non-profit organizaion founded in 2012, eepdAfrica exists to analyze policies, create awareness advocate and influence change in favor of people with disabilities in Africa.
We intellectually and psychologically condition your mind and prepare you for the fear of the “unknown”.

Among other things, we concentrate mostly on the International Treaty- the UN Convention on the Rights of People with Disabilities (CRPD) and make sure we liaise with individuals and organizations in their countries to work towards equality of opportunities by using universal designs.

eepdAfrica champions the cause of its members to be treated with dignity in full participation in community life both locally and globally.We consult policy makers and duty bearers in dialogue to change the existing barriers for PWDs in all spheres of life. eepdAfrica empowers and ensures that PWDs in Africa enjoy their rights enshrined in CRPD, the Millennium Development Goals (MDGs) as well as policies and laws in their constitutions without any discrimination. 


eepdAfrica envisions enlightening and empowering people with disabilities and others, in all cases by advocacy, education, mentoring and networking with PWDs locally and globally for an independent and self sufficient life.



eepdAfrica is the only voluntary change agents group existing in Africa to promote the welfare and dignity of persons with disabilities through free consultations, Policy analysis, advocacy, education  and awareness creations for a positive change.


The founder's values 

eepdAfrica work is founded on the  core values of, diversity, multiculturalism professionalism, volunteerism, stewardship, honest communication,  and inclusion inherited from our founder, Sefakor Grateful-Miranda Komabu-Pomeyie 


If we are enlightened, we are empowered.


eepdAfrica staff

 eepdAfrica’s achievements to date could not have been accomplished without dedicated and qualified international and national staff that bring their expertise and commitment to serve and empower persons with disabilities and their families.