Enlightening and Empowering People with Disabilities
in Africa
as we are enlightened, we are empowered

Enlightening and Empowering People with Disability 

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Why You Should Get Involved

Disability is not an individual issue. It is a global issue and we need to tackle it with international tools so that people with disabilities can have access to what they are entitled to as well. As you may know, the Convention on the Rights of People with Disabilities (CRPD) is an international treaty that seeks to improve upon the rights of the disabled. Presently, 153 nations have signed and 117 (and the European Union) have ratified the convention. In determining whether every country should be party to this international treaty, we ask four central questions:

  • Does the treaty infringe upon any country’s sovereignty? No
  • Does the treaty create rights beyond those granted under the laws of each country or circumvent the power of Parliament/Congress to make laws? No
  • Does the treaty subject any country to international tribunals? No
  • Does the treaty require any government to increase spending? No

We enlighten every policy or law maker to support CRPD and ratify it because the treaty is a Universal tool just to guide our policies and laws so that we become compliance and committed to disability issues globally. The treaty does not create any new rights beyond those that are already recognized unless a country does not include its people with disabilities in its policies and laws. The treaty does not require any change to our laws and its provisions are non-executing, meaning that the treaty is not enforceable in our courts. The package of reservations, understandings and declarations adopted by each Country’s Foreign Relation Committee explicitly indicates that the “best interest of the child with disability “ term will be applied and interpreted to be coextensive with its application and interpretation under the country’s laws.

 Any nominal administrative costs associated with producing a CRPD status report could be derived from within the existing budget allocation the country unless this is not included.

Since almost every African country is heading towards the accomplishment of the Millennium Development goals by 2015, we empower people with disabilities to be part of these eight international development goals. The two United Nation initiatives control our part of the world (developing countries) but most people with disabilities have not enough in-depth knowledge about them. Our focus is to bring CRPD, MDGs policies and laws close to people with disabilities for equal access and participation in their communities.

Thank you for helping us help others

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